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All organizations have plenty of day to day PRO works starting from trade license issuing, applying quota, inspection, applying visa, labour card, insurance etc. We act as a permanent and perfect PRO to your organization. We take the details of all employees and do all day to day PRO activities. WE TAKE CARE OF ALL PRO WORKS, NO MORE FINES TO BE PAID.


Your Reliable PRO Services Partner for Mainland and Freezone Businesses in the UAE

MEDIC HR specializes in providing comprehensive PRO services to businesses operating in both mainland and free zones across the UAE. With our extensive team of expert PROs, consisting of expats, UAE nationals, and GCC nationals, we offer seamless assistance in navigating government processes effortlessly.

Our Proven Expertise:

Leveraging our deep understanding of local regulations and procedures, we ensure smooth handling of all your government-related requirements. From visa processing and document attestation to license renewals and immigration procedures, we have the expertise to simplify and expedite the entire process.

Diverse PRO Team:

With a diverse team of PROs, we bring a wealth of experience and cultural understanding to meet your unique needs. Our team comprises experts from various backgrounds, including expatriates who understand the challenges faced by international businesses, as well as UAE and GCC nationals who possess in-depth knowledge of local regulations.